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Video Production

Opera Domani

Visual communication
Teatro Sociale di Como

I was part of an educational theatre project dealing with children and teachers through storytelling and visual communication

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The challenge

The project involved and engaged young school-age audiences in opera by effectively acting through the school channel. It was aimed primarily at schools and teachers, in a preliminary phase dedicated to updating on musical training, it continued with them in the classroom for the training of students and ended in the theatre with active participation in the opera performance.

As the project was structured around several moments during the year, from training teachers and students in the classroom to watching the show, I had to follow all the different meetings trying to create a unique storytelling as a single process.

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The method

I tried to attend as many moments as possible, articulating then a shared story-telling process with both theatre, schools, teachers and students.

During the workshops I got involved to participate in first person, not just as an external observer and recorder but as part of the experience they were building on.

In order to understand what to show, I autonomously started a research process around the main theme of the moment to better show possible focuses of the overall work.

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The solution

As one of my first working experiences, I learned how to be insurgent and use business acumen to create more opportunities. Here I developed my attitude for telling stories through the use of images and understood the power of visualisation as a tool for education.

The partecipate work with children and teachers through the workshops was an opener for the following years.

Working with children was as wonderful as it was complicated. Storytelling is a very powerful communication weapon, but sometimes in my video editings I got the language wrong, sometimes the focus, sometimes the images.