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Festival del Cinema Africano Asia e America Latina

Web Designer
UX Design

rethink the website of a film festival as a platform by taking care of information architecture and ux design of the whole digital experience

Festival Cinema Africano Asia America Latina

The challenge

FESCAAAL is a film festival in Milan with screenings, meetings with the authors, special and cross-disciplinary events inspired by the 3 continents’ cultures.

Following changes due to the Covid pandemic the company asked me to rethink the whole digital experience, redefining both the entire information architecture, IxD and UI of their website to enable a festival experience to be optimised for online and streaming too.

Festival Cinema Africano Asia America Latina

The method

As UX Designer and Information Architect, I learned how to organize a complex system of information so that users could find exactly what they’re looking for.

I studied the current information channels of film festivals, through primary research of the context, and meanwhile investigated together with stakeholders how to improve the visitor experience through a series of interviews with staff and a sample of the audience.

Festival Cinema Africano Asia America Latina

The solution

The designed platform tries to meet the needs of the main personas of the audience while also taking into account the constraints and the pain points of the staff who have to make the data entry.

As regards my attitude, I learned how to not cling to my ideas and conceptions and know who I was designing for. Considering the historical period, adapting plans and reacting flexibly to the unexpected situation was a great proof of resilience.