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Critical Design

while at Service Design Master, worked with Design Fiction and Critical Design to explore how this approach can address critical challenges to our society

Design Fiction pill

The challenge

Service Design Master Pill #1 lasted three full days while we were working with design fiction methods in order to develop speculative products and services for Energy Ville, a new urban settlement occurring in the wake of the global 2022 energy crisis.

Critics of Design Fiction and Speculative Design have pointed towards these approaches being too much engaged in distant futuristic technologies with little interest for "real" social and environmental problems.

By this exercise, we brought Design Fiction into Service Design to explore how this approach can be a way of addressing critical challenges to our society.

Design Fiction pill

The method

My team worked with a proposed future speculative What-If Scenario, where energy is limited and monopolized by the big tech giants running data centers.

After looking deep inside, we took a memory we couldn't shake off all this while and wrote down a story line. We tried to understand all stories and pick a few outlines to define our what-if scenario to build our 'Energy Ville'.

Then we gathered the main insights and defined in depth the social and cultural context, trying to focus on what the needs and pain points of citizens were and which were the consequences of government politics trying to answer all our wh- questions (and even more).

Design Fiction pill

The solution

Only when we tried to put our ideas to actually visualising the scenario through different prototyping techniques and creating an artifact, we made our service come to life.

We designed a service thanks to which citizens can satisfy their essential energy needs, creating a sort of community of proximity in contrast to the control and oppression of big corporations.

Involving a techno-material artifact, a short documentary trailer and a platform landing page, we then communicate, through a reversal of meaning, the critical argument behind our proposal to the class.